Viel Glück zum Nicht-nicht-Geburtstag kleine Gino!

  • (eine doppelte Verneinung ist eine Bejaung und trotzdem eine nette Alice im Wudnerland Referenz. :D )

    Alles gute und liebe zum Geburtstag! :hb: :present: :kappe: :kappe2: :hb:

    There are things... waiting in the darkness. Creatures of metal.. fire.. and blood.
    But he's out there, burning through time, facing a thousand dangers across the stars and never giving up. He looks like a man, but he's a legend. And his name... is The Doctor.
    He'll come back to save us and this time I'm gonna be ready.
    Then just like that - We'll be gone.
    Donna Noble (3rd Companion of the 10th Doctor)